Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The Your Sinclair Rock 'n' Roll Years

Those of us in the UK and "of an age" may remember the Sinclair Spectrum (Sinclair Timex for any Americans reading) with a certain amount of fondness.

One of the real benefits of owning a Spectrum was "Your Sinclair" magazine. Your Sinclair was probably the first "modern" computer magazine, with a less serious, more entertaining style. Whilst other magazines concentrated on type-in listings and hardware reviews, YS contained in-jokes and pop-culture references.

Your Sinclair ran from 1986 to 1993 and closed with the Big Final Issue. This isn't the end of the story though.

In 1997 Nick Humphries, inspired by the BBC documentary series "The Rock 'n' Roll Years", created a site dedicated to your Sinclair. Featuring news and reviews from each edition of the magazine it has grown into a comprehensive tribute to the magazine and even contains new material provided by Nick himself.

Not content to rest on his laurels Nick has taken on the task of producing a TV style documentary, chronicling the life of the Sinclair Spectrum.

The Your Sinclair Rock 'n' Roll Years - The Documentary copies the format of the original BBC documentary, mixing game footage, adverts and pop music for each of the years of the Spectrum's life. Currently 1982 to 1988 have been released, with 1989 in production.

The documentaries can be downloaded directly from Nick's site or viewed on YouTube.

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