Tuesday, 9 October 2007

BlogRush updates - Phase 2

Well, it looks like BlogRush is going to be changing. I hadn't realised that BlogRush hasn't been around for very long - in fact, it started around the same time as this blog (around a month ago).

During the two weeks that I've been with BlogRush I've had a grand total of 1 referral from them. Now, that is one visitor that I might not have otherwise had, so it is all for the good I suppose.

BlogRush Phase 2 may shake things up a bit. Some of the more exciting things for me is "Say goodbye to all the non-English blogs, junk blogs, and any low-quality blogs you may have seen from time-to-time in the widget" (hopefully that won't include me!), "Bonus Syndication For All Users, But Weighted Towards Low-Traffic Members" (yay!), "More Categories! (a lot more)". This last one is good, hopefully I'll find a category closer suited to this blog.

A "Random Wibbling" category perhaps?

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