Thursday, 11 October 2007

New release - RetroVaders

Well, the cat is definitely out of the bag now. If case you hadn't guessed it by the title, this is my "tribute" to Space Invaders. This isn't an identical clone but the basic gameplay is the same.

I made a point of not playing the original whilst writing this, because I wanted this to be my take on it (use MAME if you want the real thing). Some of the main differences are that you score 10 points for each of the invaders instead of different amounts for different types. The UFO scores between 10 and 300 points. Bonus lives are awarded every 1000 points. There are only three bases instead of four.

I'll be doing a final bug hunt tomorrow, writing the documentation (not that it requires much) and releasing the finished game at some point over the weekend (probably Saturday).

Binaries will be available for Windows and Linux. I'll provide a MacOs (PowerPC) version only if there is any demand for it - so if there are any Mac users out there who fancy a quick game of RetroInvaders then make sure you let me know.

The game is being released as freeware and has been written in BlitzMax (hence the ease of porting it between the three systems). Source code is not provided - but again, if there is any demand for it then I'll certainly consider cleaning it up and releasing it under the GPL.

Visit for this and my other remakes.

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