Tuesday, 9 October 2007

One less reason to buy a PS3

Sony seem intent on shooting themselves in the foot again.

After the ill-feeling caused by the removal of the emotion chip (used for PS2 compatibility), and despite the PS3s less than stellar sales figures, they have now announced that they are removing PS2 compatibility completely. Yes folks, anyone upgrading will need to keep their PS2 around if they want to play PS2 games.

As before, UK and Australian gamers are being shafted first, with the downgrades being made available in other parts of the world later on.

This is apparently to get the price of the UK PS3 down to £299 (around $600) for the low end 40GB model.

As a comparison, the Amazon US price for the 60GB PS3 is $499 (around £250) and this includes backwards compatibility as well as the larger hard disk.

Speaking personally, any chance of me buying a PS3 in the immediate future have vanished. The thought of paying more money for less features is just plain idiotic, and unless Sony wise up to that idea then the future for the PS3 will continue to look bleak.

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