Sunday, 7 October 2007

Dan's Remakes - New Game Update #1

The countdown has started for the new release. It is kind of difficult to say too much about the game without revealing what is actually is, but here goes.

Most of the original arcade games features are intact, in fact there are only a couple of things that I still want to include before the final release. I've reduced the number of enemies (but made them larger and chunkier). This makes the game a bit easier at the start, but the difficulty ramps up as you progress through the levels.

I've upped the speed slightly too. The graphics have been kept simple, but I've used transparancy to help emulate the original reflected backdrop effect (you'll see what I mean when you play it).

Bonus lives are in (every 1000 points earns a new life). Unlike the original all enemies have the same points value.

Things left to do before a release:
  • Implement missing game "bonus points" feature.
  • Tweak the difficulty levels a bit.
  • Tweak the shot mechanism a bit.
  • Create a proper intro screen and menu (there is only a holding page at the moment).
Things that might be in the game:
  • Multiple screen resolutions.
  • Fancy pause screen (same as Chaos Caverns perhaps).
  • Special in game effects (although I don't want to overdo it this time round).
I might do a second release after all to add in the extras (and fix any bugs that might make an appearance), we'll have to see what the reaction to the game is.

There will definitely be Linux and Windows versions of the game (the game is being developed in Linux using Blitz Max).

I'll post more later on this week when hopefully I'll be that bit closer to the final release.

Release date: When I'm happy with it.
Price: Freeware.
Primary download site: Dan's Remakes.

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