Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Are there any real blogs left?

Here's a thought. I've been looking closely at BlogRush and the blogs that are listed in it, and something struck me as odd. Most of them don't actually contain any real content. No articles. No thoughts. Just lists and instructions on how to "Make Money Online" and "Increase your earning potential".

Before anyone says it, then yes, I've just added a list there in a blatant attempt to get some traffic from BlogRush, since as far as I can see those sort of posts are the only way to generate traffic via their site.

It's kind of depressing really. I'd sort of hoped that there might be the next Will Wheaton blog on there (someone who's posts are always entertaining to read), but no - only fake blog after fake blog.

Anyone know of any listing sites for genuine blogs rather than the scam ones?

In fact, if you've got a favourite blog then post it as a comment, and I'll post a top ten list of real blogs that people should read. And yes, I'm going to start it with Will Wheaton In Exile. Let's celebrate the best in blogging.

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