Sunday, 7 October 2007

Those toilet blues

To quote John McClain, "How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?"

Yes folks, it is time for the revenge of the toilet.

Last time it was the flush mechanism, this time the cistern is out for revenge.

"So whats wrong this time?" I pretend to hear you ask? Well, after visiting the porcelain reading room for a bit of quiet time, I'd flushed, washed my hands (of course) and was about to head off down stairs when I heard a dripping tap.

Oh well, I'll turn it off. That's funny - the cistern is still filling up. And why is the floor wet.

Oh no.

On checking, the cistern was leaking and dripping from where it connects onto the loo. There is a wing nut underneath the cistern which, sadly, hadn't been tightened properly when the loo was fixed the last time, and by the looks of things it has been working its way loose ever since.

Well, we've mopped it all up, said some rude things about plumbers in general (and the one who we had last time in particular) and will see if that has stopped the leak. If not, we'll be getting the bugger out again to do the damn job properly.

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