Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The first review of RetroVaders

Well, I've just found what is probably the first review of RetroVaders, by the chaps at Tectonic. I think it's a positive review. Sort of. Probably.

Perhaps a quote from the review would be in order:

Which is why RetroVaders appeals to me so much. The graphics are pixelated, the movements jerky, the colours uninspiring. I love it.


I'm still not sure if I've been mildly insulted or if he's just being ironic. What do you think?

Update: I've just found this part of it, so I'm now verging towards flattered rather than insulted, again - to quote the new part:

As a kid I spent hours, and innumerable 20c coins, at my corner cafe playing Pinball and Space Invaders. RetroVaders brings back fond memories in today's dated-but-still-cool game of the week.

Game of the week? Cool!

Update #2: On a side note I wonder if they are using Windows Vista? That could cause some performance issues even on a fast machine, due to Vista's problems with OpenGL.

The slowest PC I've tested RetroVaders on is a Celeron 800 with a 16meg Matrox G400 graphics card (not exactly an ultra-modern PC) running Windows XP. The CPU usage never went over 50%.

Sadly, unless someone feels like donating a PC with Windows Vista for me to develop on I'm not going to be able to fully support it. I may look at doing a DirectX version of RetroVaders if this looks like a big problem for a lot of people - I'll have to see how many people (if any) shout up about it.

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