Tuesday, 23 October 2007

BlogRush weekly update

Now that a further week has passed, let's have another look at BlogRush.

Well, there have been a further couple of referrals passed through - which is good. My site has passed their "strict quality criteria" and is not amongst the 10,000 blogs which have been removed. Apparently this should give an increase in traffic, so it seems only fair that as a blog of quality (how about this for a tag line: "Half a page of scribbled lines - a blog of quality") I should give them a bit longer to see if things pick up.

The dashboard still isn't done (aaaargh!) but I'll give them a bit longer and see how the site functions once it's finished.

I'll give it another look in a week and see if things improve.


Shilton said...

Enjoying the blog so far, keep it up. Cheers.

DanO said...

Cheers Shilton.