Wednesday, 17 October 2007

RetroVaders version 1.20

One comment that had been made about RetroVaders was that the Mystery Ship frequency was wrong. In the original game the ship would appear after 23 shots, then every 14 shots following. The shot frequency resets after each wave of invaders.

Well, now RetroVaders does that too. I've also included the "maximum mystery bonus" cheat from the original, so now if you can shoot the Mystery Ship on the 24th shot (and every 15th shot following) you'll get the maximum 300 bonus points.

I've updated the title screen a bit too so it looks more authentic.

I'll be releasing the next version either late on tonight or tomorrow morning for the Linux and Windows version, with the MacOS version following later on tomorrow evening.

I'm going to try compiling the MacOS release with an earlier version of BlitzMax to see if that fixes issue with switching between full-screen and windowed modes.

Update: Well, compiling under version 1.24 of BlitzMax fixes the screen problems on MacOS. I've also made some more changes to the program, the backdrop can now be switched off, and the invaders are now in colour (which can also be switched off). I've a similar colour scheme to Space Invaders Deluxe. I'll post some screenshots of the new version later on.

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