Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Cash to Blog?

Can you make a living from blogging? John Chow says you can - and he's willing to show you how.

Now, if you are like me then your Scam Detector (tm) will probably have gone into meltdown and you will be getting ready to run in the opposite direction. But wait, there is something a little different about this.

He's going to tell you FOR FREE.

You can read John's advice and information either by browsing his blog (linked above folks) or by downloading his free ebook. I've been having a browse through this and there is some really good stuff in here, including not blogging just for money - blog because you want to (advice well worth remembering).

Is this going to make me a fortune? Who knows, although somehow I doubt it. On the other hand, if it makes some cash back then great. I'll drop in an update in a couple of months and we'll see just how much (if anything) I've been able to make.

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