Friday, 19 October 2007

Oh no! Another release of RetroVaders?

Don't panic, it will be a couple of weeks before the next full release as I want to add some more features into the game, as well as finish tweaking the gameplay / difficulty levels some more.

There has been an update to 1.20 for Windows, basically I've ended up releasing two binaries for Windows: one for OpenGL and one for DirectX.


Well, today I did some testing on Windows: PC 1 - NVIDIA GForce 5 card - wouldn't run the OpenGL version, but ran DirectX with no problems; PC2 - a very old onboard Intel graphics card - no for DirectX, but ran OpenGL perfectly. Hopefully releasing against both systems should cover as broad a spectrum of users as possible.

I've made a start towards what I'm expecting will be the final version of RetroVaders ("Finally!" I hear you cry) so some of the new features will include:
  • Multiple Backdrops (three backdrops at present, and an option for no backdrop too)
  • More invaders
  • Tweaks to drop speed, enemy shots etc
  • Code optimisations
A lot of this is already done, as well as some other bits and pieces, but I want to wait for further comments from users before putting this game to rest.

RetroVaders 1.30 - Coming Soon. . . . .

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