Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Choosing the next project

Now that RetroVaders (apart from the Mac port which will follow fairly soon) It's time to decide what game I'm going to do next. Having a look through my blitz directory there are five or six "nearly started" games. These are the ones that seem like a good idea, but haven't had any real work done on them, or are in the "messing about with" stage (such as my "Hungry Horace" test code).

Having a look through these one of them caught my eye. I honestly couldn't remember how far I had got with it - as it turns out I'd got as far as setting the screen mode before getting side-tracked. Out of curiosity I downloaded some screenshots of the original game, snipped out and upscaled some of the graphics and had a basic game structure running quite quickly.

One thing that surprised me with RetroVaders is how much my kids enjoyed playing it, so with that in mind this game will be another fairly straight forward one, and something that I hope they'll enjoy playing too.

I'm off work tomorrow to do the school run, but while the children are out of the way I may get some more time to play around with this.

What game is it? I'm not telling. Don't drive yourself batty trying to work it out, I'll post more once I've got a "proof of concept" demo version ready.

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