Thursday, 4 October 2007

Dan's Remakes - New game coming soon

As well as blogging here, I also have a games remakes site over at, which specialises in freeware remakes of classic (i.e. old) games.

At the moment there are only a couple of games on there - a small version of Arcadia (originally by Imagine Software), and a tribute to Manic Miner (called Chaos Caverns). Both are available for Windows and Linux and I'll try and provide an OS-X version if there is any demand for one.

Apart from whoring my other site - why blog about it here? Well, I'm going to move some of the earlier blogs (such as the game and hardware reviews) onto the blog here.

I'm also going to be releasing a new remake sometime during the next couple of weeks. Normally I follow the old "release early, release often" format for these games. With Chaos Caverns I slowed down the releases a bit to make it more worthwhile for people to update the game - extra levels, new graphics and so on are much more inviting than just bug fixes.

This time however I want to release a completed game in one go. I've purposefully chosen one of the most retro of all retro titles for this one (especially as the game has just been featured in Retro Gamer magazine). I'm not doing a straight clone of the game - after all, where's the fun in that - but I'll be tweaking the game play and graphics as I see fit.

I've got most of the game mechanics working already, so it is really down to the fine tuning and adding the extra polish to make the game worth downloading and playing.

I'm also not releasing the name of the game yet. Feel free to speculate, and keep and eye on the blog here, and at for updates.

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