Sunday, 14 October 2007

RetroVaders - Coming soon for MacOS X

As an experiment I've compiled RetroVaders on MacOS X and will put the binary on Dan's Remakes later on tonight.

The minimum OS version required is MacOS X 10.3.9. The binary is a PPC one and has only been tested on a genuine PPC Mac. If anyone gets it working on an Intel Mac then please let me know (and also how well / badly it worked).

There are some things that I'll want to fix before I target MacOS properly, but at least the game works. It is full-screen only at the moment (and only fills a quarter of the screen) as the windowed mode looses its graphics after a couple of seconds.

I've got some ideas on how to fix the problems, but it will probably have to wait for Super RetroVaders before I try and implement them.

I've started adding a couple of things into RetroVaders so I'd say that Super RetroVaders is almost a certainty at this point.

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