Saturday, 27 October 2007

Retrovaders: Heading towards 1.30

I'm wondering whether to make an early release of RetroVaders 1.30.

There are a couple of reasons that I'm tempted to release it now. The main one is a bug in the invaders movement code which I'm not at all happy about leaving out there. The other is that there have been enough improvements (imho) to make it a worthwhile upgrade.

The downside to releasing now is that Mac users will have to wait a bit longer for their version (I don't have regular access to a Mac to compile it).

Let's have a quick run through of the new features and see what we have.

Bug Fixes:

UFO Scoring - Now works correctly between 50 and 300 (was going up to 310)
UFO Movement - Bug fixed that could cause the invaders to drop straight down the screen (I've only seen it twice and I've probably played it more than anyone)
Invader drop speed tweaked to ensure that they always land at the same height (there was a slight variance depending on which row landed)

New features:

Joypad support
Options Screen
Game options saved to disk
Multiple backdrops (Invaders, Deluxe Invaders, Retrovaders, None)
Multiple invader sprite sets (Retrovaders, Classic, Atari 2600)
Number of bunkers increased to four
Number of invaders increased to 50
UFO no longer appears if there are less than eight invaders on screen

I've still got some polishing of the options screen to do but I could release the next version this weekend some time once I've got that finished.

I'll have to think about this one.

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