Tuesday, 16 October 2007

BlogRush update - still waiting for traffic

I've posted a couple of times about BlogRush, so here is the long awaited status update:

It's Crap.

There, I've said it. For smaller blogs like mine it just doesn't work. Over the past few weeks I've kept an eye on how much traffic BlogRush has sent my way, so here is the total number of people that they have referred to my site:


That's right folks, one. The administration BlogRush section still isn't finished which makes tracking what the service is doing difficult. It all makes it impossible to recommend.

In the interest of fairness (or just bloody-mindedness on my part) I'm giving it one more week, and then I'll be removing the link. Reciprocal linking should work both ways, but at the moment I'm sending them more traffic than they're sending me.

I'll update this in one weeks time.

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