Friday, 8 August 2008

A restful week off (not!)

Here I am at the end of my week off, the first full week off work this year. So how have I chosen to relax? Easy, by replacing my kitchen.

This has taken pretty much the entire week up, but is nearly finished now. This has entailed stripping out the old units, repairing the plaster on the walls, stripping old wallpaper, building new units, cutting worktops and all sorts of fun things.

The majority of this has been done by my brother-in-law (who is friends with a gas fitter / plumber, which has turned out to be handy), but I've been able to help, or get in the way, with some parts.

We've got off fairly lightly with the cost of this, but even so, the budget has been steadily creeping up but we are nearly there now!

There have been relatively few disasters apart from one unit collapsing when an off-cut from one of the units fell into it, and only a few unexpected costs, such as relocating the gas pipes for the cooker.

The only other major replacement that we are likely to require is our washing machine, which has chosen now to start leaking. This is less than good when you've installed all your new kitchen units, so we'll be looking to replace it.

Still, after a week of microwave meals and take-aways, it is nice to have a working kitchen again.

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