Saturday, 23 August 2008

Family Guy - Full Episodes Online

It is getting more common these days to be able to view full episodes of TV shows online - legally.

The only problem tends to be that most of the good stuff is locked to a particular geographic region. The BBC IPlayer for example only plays in the UK. Conversely trying to watch Star Trek in the UK doesn't work. So it is nice to find something that works in multiple regions, and Fox has done that with Family Guy.

If you head over to you can view five full episodes of Family Guy, as well as clips of their musical numbers.

The only pity is that if you follow the links through to the "Fox on Demand" side you get that old message that "This service is currently available to viewers living in the United States."


Still, at least we can get to watch the episodes on the main Family Guy site. Which is nice.


Anonymous said...

well its always nice to get the show with watching it online or when some one can download family guy episodes yo enjoy it all the time.

Anonymous said...

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