Monday, 11 August 2008

BlitzMax 1.30 out!

BlitzMax has recently been updated to version 1.30.

So what's new in this version?

***** 1.30 Release *****

Major sanity check release!

MaxGUI has been moved to its own module, maxgui.mod.

This means you will now have to manually import maxgui, eg:

Import MaxGUI.MaxGUI 'import maxgui core
Import MaxGUI.Win32MaxGUI 'import win32 version
Import MaxGUI.CocoaMaxGUI 'import macos version
Import MaxGUI.FltkMaxGUI 'import linux version

The default audio driver for Windows has been changed to DirectSound. This means if you don't call SetAudioDriver(), the DirectSound driver will be used. For Mac/Linux, FreeAudio is still the default driver.

Syncmods has been disabled and is no longer supported by BRL. MaxGUI modules are now available in zip form from the 'product updates' page of the 'account' section at

Internal changes:
Lots of MaxGUI fixes from Seb.
Added advadpi32 to bmk win32 link
Debugger fix for out of scope objects.
bbGCValidate() added to blitz_gc.c
MaxIDE updated
Brucey's patch: LoadSound method added to TAudioDriver
Fixes and updates from Seb
Fixed GC and final methods reflection bugs
Removed nan/inf docs
Added missing EVENT_HOTKEY ToString case (skid)
Dragbar canvas fix for win32maxguiex compatability
GNet now uses 32 bit floats
Added -bind_at_load to bmk mac linkopts
Fixed blitzmaxpath looping forever
Default win32 audio driver now directsound
Fixed getmodulehandlea/w param
Added exception to loadbytearray/loadstring etc
Sped up replaceall
Fixed macos-version issue with PPC 10.4
Changed to maxgui.mod

There is also (available via the forums) a further update available for the BlitzMax IDE which sorts out some crashing issues with Linux.

The help function under Linux seems to work better (finally!). I'll be playing more with this later on this week to see if it behaves better than the 1.28 release.

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