Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Pre-birth nerves

The big day is getting closer! Only a month or two to go and I'll be the proud father of another child.

You'd think after being through this twice before the nerves would go - well - they're back with a vengence.

I'm going to have to make the most of being able to sleep through the night - as once the new child arrives I get the feeling that is going to stop for another year or so (aargh!) - as well as getting back to changing nappies (no!), vomit (please!) and teething (mummy!).

On the other hand I've got another chance to see all those amazing firsts, such as the first steps, the first word, first time he (or she) says "Daddy" and so on.

So set your calendars for the second week in October (which is much closer than you'd imagine) and hope the world is ready for DanO v3!

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