Monday, 18 August 2008

Fear of Facebook

I've resisted joining Facebook for a long time, mainly because I thought it was a bit "sad" - you know - "let's pretend that we have lots and lots of friends, hardly any of which I've ever met or spoke to in person. . ."

I ended up giving in and joining up anyway, as it was the quickest way to get access to my sister's wedding photographs.

That was nearly two months ago.

I've got to admit it - I'm now hooked. The good thing about it (apart from being able to use it as a replacement for MSN Messenger) is some of the games. The fact that your high scores are compared with your friends makes it that bit more fun.

I've only added people who I actually know to my friends list so I don't feel quite as dirty about the whole thing*. I'm just going to have to get ready to sign up for Facebook Anonymous should it start getting out of hand!

* OK, apart from one. Yes, me and William "Captain Kirk" Shatner are "Facebook Friends." I hang my head in shame.

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