Monday, 24 March 2008

Yesterday's Pizza

Here I am, enjoying that "morning after" feeling. Actually I don't feel too bad all things considered, eating the remains of yesterday's pizza has helped me feel a bit more human.

Yes, I was out and about last night, experiencing our Great British "pub culture" first hand.

Its been a while since I've hit the town, and to say it was a bit unfamiliar was an understatement. One thing that I did notice was that at the venerable age of 34 I was the oldest person by a clear ten years in some of the bars (and that is including the bar staff too).

I think that I've finally accepted the fact that I have now officially become an old fart.

Clue number 1: I hated the music.

Clue number 2: I didn't recognise any of the songs.

Clue number 3: I found myself complaining about the price of things ("A drink costs HOW MUCH?!?").

Clue number 4: Realising that I was one of the oldest people in some of the bars.

Clue number 5: Even though the outside temperature was below zero, I was one of the few people wearing a coat.

A night out certainly isn't cheap. I went through around £40 last night. Mind you, ten pounds of that was admission to a nightclub (and cloakroom fees). Having to queue for half an hour to get in was just rubbing salt into the wound.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy myself. I'm just glad that my social life doesn't revolve around clubbing these days.

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