Saturday, 8 March 2008

Blogger / Blog*Spot Blues

I'm guessing that you probably heard the wailing and gnashing of teeth that accompanied todays unscheduled Blogger meltdown.

If you check out the Blogger help forum it was full of very annoyed bloggers who were unable to access their blogs or administration areas.

Now, things like this can (and do) happen on any system, and shouting at the people trying to fix it does not help resolve things. One thing that I feel would have helped would have been an official announcement made sooner and in a visible place, such as on the front page of the Blogger dashboard. This would have prevented the firestorm of complaints that followed.

Blogger is a free service (and a good one too) so let's not blow a couple of hours of downtime out of proportion, and give the good folks at Google a chance to resolve things properly.


GreenDragon said...

Nice blog Dan0,nice retro site too! BTW do you use the username Dan0 because of the BeOS R5 code name or ist it just coincidence?

DanO said...

Thanks greendragon. I'm afraid the username is a coincidence - although I did use BeOS for a while back in the day.