Thursday, 6 March 2008

Anatomy of a Traffic Boosting Scheme

"Why post about things like T-2000?" I've been asked.

"Aren't you just boosting their popularity - and your own by signing up for them?"

These are good questions. To get the answer lets have a look at how these schemes work once you have signed up.

Step 1: The Bait

This step is important. If you want the traffic you must make people think that this has already worked for you and brought in millions of hits. You have to lie to get people to sign up via your referral link. If you tell the truth (as I have) you are unlikely to get any extra hits at all.

Step 2: The Wait

At this point you can let the "magic" happen. Providing your sales pitch is persuasive enough and you can get enough people sign up via your referrals link you should see a small boost in traffic. Maybe a dozen or so over a couple of months. If your referrals do the same your traffic will get another, slightly larger boost.

Step 3: The Disappointment

Mathematically the traffic boost should increase with each passing generation of referrals. But wait! You will only be on the list for six generations of sign-ups. The actual sign-up rates are so low (you may only get a couple) that the magic million figures are unlikely to ever be reached even if you follow the rules.

Why? Well, chances are that if you are seriously considering a scheme like this then you are on a low traffic site, probably with less than 50 hits a day. The actual percentage of your visitors who will actually want to sign up via your referrals link is even lower.

If you are assuming that you'll get additional traffic from search engines then think again. Any searches that would bring people to your site are so packed with other people doing the same thing that the chances of anyone clicking on your site are somewhere between low and laughable.

. . . .

So back to the original question. Why blog about this? Well, if you believe the majority of posts on this you'd imagine that you will be gaining millions of readers and making a fortune in advertising revenue. You don't find as many posts telling the truth about these schemes.

At best you may get a small boost to your site, but probably only a temporary one. At worst you could find yourself in violation of Googles Terms and Conditions for Google Ads and have your account closed losing you what little money you have gained.

Still think it is worth your while?


proofpositivity said...

Dumb question I'm just learning this computer stuff what's T-2000?

DanO said...

It's a traffic boosting scheme. Read to find out more.

I've edited this post to provide a link through to it too (which I should have done in the first place really!).

Thanks for commenting.

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