Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Cavern Lander - Tech Demo 1

Over the Easter weekend I've had a browse through the code for "Cavern Lander", which started as an experiment with the RetroRoids code to see how much work it would take to add in gravity effects.

I'd got it to a point where it pretty much worked before a large dose of the curse of the hobby programmer known as "real life" stepped in and curtailed my coding activities for a couple of weeks.

To get myself back up to speed I decided to pick up the code again - and after sorting out some niggling bugs and cleaning the code up further I'd got a stable code-base to build the game on.

I'm not counting this as a proper demo release purely because the game is so early in its development - but as a technical demo to see how a gravity game would work I think it does its job quite well.

The initial feedback has been positive too so I'll spend some more time on the game over the next couple of weeks and see what I end up with.

The game itself plays a bit like a cross between Lander, Thrust and ChopLifter, in that you have to pilot your ship through a series of caves, land to rescue miners and transport them to the blue landing platform at the start of the cave complex.

Currently the main hazard is gravity itself, but the final game should add more features like fuel and gun emplacements into the mix.

For more information (and screen shots) head on over to http://dans-remakes.sytes.net.

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