Thursday, 21 February 2008

This Week I Have Mostly Been Playing: Hover Bovver 2

Most games easily fit into one or more categories. Shoot-em-ups, platformers, RPGs, there is a category for pretty much every game. Then there are games like this. Mow-em-up perhaps? Third person lawner? I'll have to think about this.

It's a lot less bovver. . . . .

So what is the game about eh? Well, in a nutshell, you need to mow your lawn. Sounds simple? Not in this garden it isn't. You see, you've had to borrow your neighbor's lawnmower and he wants it back. Not only that, but if you mow the flowers you'll have an angry gardener to deal with.

Luckily your dog is on hand to chase off your pursuers, but watch out, the more he chases them, the less happy with you he'll be. As if that wasn't enough you also have to make sure your mower doesn't overheat, so don't mow too much grass in one go. Mow enough of the lawn and sheep will come out to help eat the grass

Not to mention the mole hills, dog mess and other obstacles that you'll encounter as the game progresses.

With comical sound effects, cute graphics and frantic gameplay this is one time you won't mind mowing the lawn.

The game runs under Windows, and Linux users can run it under Cedega (like I did).

Head on over to Llamasoft to give it a shot. Ewe won't regret it!

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