Sunday, 17 February 2008

Dan's Remakes February update.

The latest from Dan's Remakes.

First things first, RetroRoids has been updated to 1.20. This will probably be the final release of the game. It was partly a bugfix release, adding things like a joypad deadzone to allow XBox 360 controllers to work with the game, and partly a release to add the final "polish" to the game.

Following on from RetroRoids there will be another new game, based around an updated version of the game engine.

Gravity has been added into the mix and a new original game will be coming soon. Yes, that's right, original. Well, fairly original. It won't be directly based on any existing game, although it obviously bears some resemblance to Gravitar, Thrust, Space Taxi, Lander and probably others too.

Now onto Batty Junior. Although this game has been "on holiday" for a bit, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and finish off the single player game. In all honesty there isn't a lot left to do, so once I'll have to look towards finishing that bit off before moving on to the new (unnamed) game.

There may be some (minor) updates to some of my other games too. Chaos Caverns has had a bugfix release to add in a DirectX version of the game. There may well be another update to Chaos Caverns and RetroVaders later on this month to add in the deadzone for the XBox 360 joypads.

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