Friday, 29 February 2008

Changes to Adsense - Part 2

This morning I received an email from Google regarding the Adsense changes. So here it is, in their own words (with some highlighting from me on some of the important points):


We have recently sent you a Personal Identification Number (PIN) via standard mail. You should expect to receive it within about 2-4 weeks. Once you receive your PIN, you will need to enter it into your account in order to become eligible to receive AdSense payments. To enter your PIN, simply follow the instructions included with your PIN mailer.

Please note that publishers have 6 months from the original issue date to enter their PIN. If you have not entered your PIN within 4 months, we will start displaying Public Service Ads (PSAs) on your web pages. If you have not entered your PIN within 6 months, your account will be disabled and any unpaid earnings will be refunded to the appropriate advertisers. You can learn more about our PIN policy at .

For additional questions about getting paid, please visit . If you prefer a video presentation of this information, we encourage you to watch our Payment demo (currently available in English only), located at .

Yours sincerely,

The Google AdSense Team

So if you are still waiting for your pin, don't delay when it turns up or you may end up loosing out on your pending payments.

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