Monday, 25 February 2008

Changes to Adsense

Like most of us I'll check my Adsense stats every day or so to see if a miracle has happened and someone has clicked on an advert (hey, stranger things have happened!). Today, however, I received this message when I logged on:

IMPORTANT: Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment.

There were two things that need to be done to "resolve" the issue. One is to verify my pin number (more on that later), the other is to verify my phone number. Yes, that's right, they want to be sure that your phone number is genuine. No phone number - no payments.

The verification process for this is pretty straight forward. A six digit pin number is generated and displayed on screen, then they phone you. Enter the pin on your phone keypad and thats it. All done.

The other issue is that they also want to verify your home address. This time, however, they put a pin number in the post to you. Once you receive it you'll need to enter it to unlock payments.

For me this isn't really much of an issue. I've yet to make enough though adsense to warrant a payout (the $100 limit is still quite a long way off) but if you were about to be paid then you may find that this will be delayed until everything has been verified.

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adrienne said...

You are so right, I was shocked when I checked google and it said payment on hold, and sure enough the pin came in the mail.