Sunday, 16 September 2007

It's all over, or is it?

So now that SCO has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy does that mean it's all over?

Well, not quite. It may extend SCO's life by another six months whilst they are "reorganising." Or will it?

That will be the interesting thing. Chapter 11 bankruptcy should protect SCO from their creditors whilst things are rearranged to allow them to pay their debts and continue trading.

This may not be enough to defend them from Novell for long though.

The money from the SCO licenses to Microsoft and Sun is Novell's and was supposed to be handed in full to them, after which the "finders fee" would be returned to SCO. Instead SCO have been spending Novell's money on the case.

The loophole in Chapter 11 is that funds like this may end up being returned, as Novell aren't creditors but the owners of the funds. In other words it was never SCO's money to spend.

The court cases are temporarily on hold - but the drama may not be finished.

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