Friday, 7 September 2007

Nobodys Working #2

Back on the coalface, here we are playing with the new Mail Server.

For me the jury is still out on Merac. I've got it sending and receiving email for our test domain - which is good.

The server collapsed in a heap the second one of my managers asked to see it in action - which is less good.

Now I have been configuring a lot of stuff on the test server today, and running it on a virtual server is less than ideal (at least, one using SATA drives like ours), so I'll have to keep an eye on it and see if this happens again.

Having incoming and outgoing mail working certainly makes me happier about the product - now I'll have to find out how to configure it to do everything that we want.

For reference, when it comes to diagnosing problems with email servers SMTPDIAG is your best friend in sorting things out (on Windows at any rate). Between that, and realising that our current mailserver redirects all outgoing mail via an external proxy (so we needed an exception adding for our test domain) got everything working.

Next task: getting the calendar working.

And it looks like that task wasn't too difficult - apart from the fact that it isn't documented. Hmm, I can see a pattern emerging here.

By default, when a user clicks on the calendar button from the web interface they'll get an error message "Could not login to calendar server".

To get the calendar functionality working, you'll need to do the following from the Merak admin tool.
  1. Select the GroupWare section
  2. Click the DB Settings button
  3. Click Create Tables and wait for the confirmation message
That's it. Job done. Easy when you know how isn't it?

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