Thursday, 20 September 2007

SpiralFrog update

A couple of days ago I wrote about Universal's SpiralFrog service, and mentioned some of its teething problems, such as the broken links, problem with downloads and so forth.

Well, I'm glad to say that it looks like most of the teething problems are resolved. There has been a lot of new music uploaded and overall (ignoring the DRM issues) it doesn't seem a bad service.

One strange point is this - I'm in the UK and was able to sign up without problems a couple of days ago. Now it claims that the service is only for USA and Canada only. And that the site is still in beta. I've had a look at the sign-up process, and it gives a large error that "You are connecting to SpiralFrog via UNITED KINGDOM." Eeek! Don't let those horrible Brits download free music!

Well, as far as I'm concerned I signed up in good faith, so pffffft! to the idea of not using the service now.

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