Sunday, 16 September 2007

Payne and Redemption

Anyone remember Max Payne? In case you don't, it was a film noir shoot-em-up. Violent, bloody, darkly humorous and very cinematic. So cinematic in fact that it was no surprise when a movie of the game was announced. Unfortunately the movie has been stuck in development hell for the last couple of years.

To fill the gap, UK based amateur film maker Fergle Gibson has taken on the ambitious task of creating a Max Payne movie. Payne and Redemption is planned to be released in six parts, with the third part being released first.

The first trailer (above) has been around for a while now, but a new one has just been released on the Payne and Redemption website (currently only available via the sites forum).

The release date is "when it's ready", but looks likely to be sometime next year.

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