Monday, 1 September 2008

Star Trek Phase II - Blood and Fire Teaser Trailer

Well, we are nearing the release of the next episode of Star Trek Phase II (the fan film series formerly known as New Voyages) and just to whet the appetite, the episode teaser (the bit before the start credits) has been released.

Boy, does this look good or what!

For a high quality version download of the video, head on over to the Phase II website.


Mike Foster said...

On a somewhat related note: just read that they are closing the Star Trek Exibit at one of the hotels (sorry, name just eluded me like a slick tribble) in Vegas, after 20 years. The end of another era.

Do You Believe?

DanO said...

It does seem a shame that they are closing it just as interest in the original series is on the increase.

Tony Cathey said...

I honestly Can't Wait.... I don't know many people who even know of this. I'm a nerd! :)

Tony Cathey