Thursday, 11 September 2008

On the road again - Part 3

Here we are with the regular cycling update. I've managed to stick with my regime of cycling to and from work each day, and have found that the journey is getting easier all the time. My weight is down from 13.5 stone (around 85kg) to a much more svelte 12 stone (76kg).

The good thing about this is that it puts me into the "healthy" zone for my height (around 6 foot). My love handles are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and my stomach is not far off being flat.

Another good thing about this is that I've lost the weight without having to diet (not that I was overeating before).

The time taken to and from work is down to around six or seven minutes each way, so I've started coming home for lunch too. This also increases the daily distance to around four and a half miles a day, which is probably helping to burn a few more calories.

My fitness level has also continued to increase. It now only takes a few minutes to get my breath back after a brisk ride, I seem to be able to breath deeper when cycling hard too. As an asthmatic this isn't a bad thing either. I've also gained leg muscles.

So far this is certainly turning out to be a very positive experience. Being able to leave work and go home for an hour in the middle of the day really helps my positive attitude about it.

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