Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Dan's Remakes - May Update

After a quiet couple of months on the remakes front I'm back in business.

There have been a couple of issues that I've been wanting to resolve before moving on with newer stuff, one relating to Windows, the other to Windows and Linux.

The main one with Windows is to do with BlitzMax and they way it works (or fails to) with some graphics cards. The method I'd been trying of autodetecting what display mode should work (DirectX or OpenGL) doesn't always work - sometimes leaving you with a black screen.

I didn't want to have to go back to having two binaries for Windows, so I've set RetroRoids up to accept command-line parameters to force it to use one method or the other. I've also used an MSI installer package to distribute the game, which includes shortcuts for both modes (and for the readme).

Hopefully that should sort things out permanently for Windows.

The other issue relates to packing games. If RetroRoids is going to work for regular users when installed then the configuration file needs to be written somewhere other than the install directory. This is true on Windows as well as on Linux. So the other change is for the configuration files to be written into the users home directory / user profile.

Now that this is sorted I'll be putting some effort into trying to provide Debian / Ubuntu packages of my games.

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