Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Arcadia - Test 4 coming soon

As I said in my previous post I'm updating and polishing some of my existing games before moving on to the new stuff, and Arcadia is the second game to get the treatment.

I've had a lot more to do here to get the code up to scratch, but now there are separate Windows and Linux releases of the game (rather than two binaries in one archive), all the graphics are embedded into the game, the joystick code has been updated to include a "deadzone" (required for some analogue joypads), separate DirectX and OpenGL modes for Windows and some other bug fixes and code cleanups.

All in all the game isn't in too bad a shape now, so once I've compiled the Windows and MacOS X versions (and uploaded them onto the site) then it'll be on to the next target: RetroVaders.

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