Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Dan's Remakes - Moving on up

For the past year or so I've been using my "free" webspace that was provided by my service provider - a rip-roaring 55meg of space. Unfortunately now that I'm releasing software for Windows, Linux and Mac my games now take up three times as much space as they used to.

The upshot of this is that the site and downloads is now pushing 40meg which means that sometime this year I'll be out of space.

I'd had a look last year at an alternative host, but had the problem of some very restrictive bandwidth limits.

I'd also had a bit of a look at Google Pages when it was first in beta. The 100meg of space is certainly attractive, but the built-in web editor didn't really do it for me and the thought of redesigning the entire site to fit in with Google didn't appeal.

Well, I've had another look at Google Pages and have discovered that I'd missed something. That something is the "upload file" facility. Now if the worst came to the worst I could always upload the binaries and still use my original site for the pages, but I've also found that you can also upload full HTML pages, so after a bit of a fiddle I've got together stage one of the new Dan's Remakes site.

I'll be converting the rest of the site this week and re-directing to point to it.

I'll be keeping the original site up to date for a while, but once I'm happy that the new site works OK then I'll be ditching it entirely.

The big bonus here is that I'll not be tied to a single service provider any more, not to mention the extra space.


GesisCEO said...

hi~i like your site, it was cool and nice, keep the work up and i will come back soon to check what new

DanO said...

Thanks, I'll be posting another game this week (or early next week) so stay tuned!