Thursday, 31 January 2008

Released: RetroRoids v1.10 - RetroRoids Deluxe

RetroRoids 1.10 (codename: RetroRoids Deluxe) is now available for Linux and Windows. The MacOS version will be ready later on tonight.

So what's new I hear you ask?

Quite a bit. There are now two game modes: RetroRoids and Original.

Original mode is basically the same as RetroRoids 1.00 (minus the power-ups). As in the original asteroids there is a chance of the ship exploding when using hyperspace. The speed of the asteroids has been reduced slightly, and the ship rotates slightly faster.

RetroRoids mode is the new version of the game. The asteroids start slower (but increase in speed with each new level). Destroying the UFO (which now appears from both sides of the screen) drops a random power-up.

Clearing a level without loosing a life activates the bonus multiplier (x2 and x4 all scores).

After the first level as well as the standard asteroids you may also (but not always) encounter the Killer Satellite. Shooting the Satellite causes the fragments to home in on you - so make sure you've got somewhere to run to. . . .

There are other tweaks to the graphics and sound (and some bugfixes too) - check out the changelog for the full list.

Available to download now at

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