Friday, 25 November 2011

Dear Ubisoft...

Dear Ubisoft,

I'd love to say how much I've been enjoying using my own electric guitar to play your fine game "Rocksmith." Especially as, according to a recent article: "What I see when I read the reviews is a lack of enthusiasm for something that is new."

However, seeing as there is no UK release in sight for the game, I'm not able to. I, and I suspect many others, have been waiting patently the past few months, cash-in-hand to buy your game. Hello? Customers waiting!

So far, we've heard the following regarding the UK (and European) release of Rocksmith:

* It will be released late 2011
* It will be released early 2012
* There are licensing issues (with the music) that are holding up the UK release
* There are no plans to release the game outside of the US

Which is it?

Are we to assume that you don't want European customers to buy your games?

We want the game, you want our money. Surely we can come to some arrangement here?

Distribution / licensing / trademark issues can (and do) happen. This is a sad fact of business life at the moment. However sending conflicting messages to your customers when these problems happen is a really good way to loose them.


So, before we go our separate ways and I start looking for a Pro Guitar to go with Rock Band 3, I'd love to give you the chance to sell me the game that I actually want. Because believe me, if I have to shell out for a new guitar to play Rock Band 3, I certainly won't be spending my money on Rocksmith (or any other Ubisoft games) for a good long while.

Yours Hopefully


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