Thursday, 28 July 2011

Dan's Remakes vs OSX Lion

I've had a couple of emails regarding my games not working on the latest version of OSX Lion. This is thanks to those wonderful people at Apple removing support for PowerPC compiled applications in the latest and greatest version of their operating system.

Yes folks, Rosetta is no more, and when you update to Lion, neither are your legacy (PowerPC) apps.

So what does this mean for Dan's Remakes? Well, in the short term I'll only be able to support people running versions of OSX earlier than Lion as I don't have access to an Intel based Mac.

Sorry and all that, but buying a new (or second hand) Apple laptop is a bit beyond my means at the present time (and with four kids and a wife to support this isn't likely to change in the near future).

However. . . .

For a number of years there has been a link to a Paypal tips jar on Dan's Remakes. This has garnered a grand total of nothing. Should anyone feel like saying "thanks" and dropping a couple of pounds / dollars / francs / yen / whatever in, then I'll put it towards getting that new (or second hand) Mac so I can start supporting OSX Lion.

I'll update the main site this weekend and will post the progress towards the fund total (should there be any).

Fund total? Well, looking at EBay it will cost me £350-400 to get a second hand Intel based Macbook. If the total gets close enough then I'll stump up the rest of the cash myself.

Click here to donate.

On the other hand - should someone have a spare Intel based Mac Laptop that they are willing to donate then get in touch at the usual address.

If a miracle happens and too much money is raised - then I'll donate the overflow to charity.


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