Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Return to Retrovaders - Part 3

Now that I've finished the translation framework for RetroVaders, it is time to move on to the next bit - graphics. The main sprite set (which I like, I must admit) is still a bit too close to the original Space Invaders graphics. I've adapted them slightly so that although they are still recognisable they are (hopefully) different enough to differentiate the game from the arcade original.

I've also replaced the "RetroVaders" backdrop with a new version, and made that the default. So, by default, the game now looks like this:

You can, of course, make it look like the original via the options menu.

Speaking of the options menu, another "usability" adaption is that when the game is launched for the first time, it now starts in the options menu (in windowed mode). Subsequent launches will open at the main screen with whatever options you have chosen.

The next release is (likely) to be RetroVaders 2.00 - and probably will be the final major release - unless someone supplies some alternative translations.

So what is left to do? Apart from testing the game, I've also got the Linux and Mac OS X ports to do, the translations to complete (German and Finnish still to add, maybe French too), and some tweaking of game elements; although nothing too major.

Update: The Finnish translation has been added, so that only leaves the German one to do. It actually only took around quarter of an hour to add the translation in. The language framework (although it was a bit of a bugger to sort out initially) has indeed made life much easier for me.

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