Saturday, 12 June 2010

Return to Retrovaders - Part 2

Keeping with the theme of accessibility - language support is something that has been on my list of features that I'd like to add.

Sadly, however, my grasp of languages other than English is very limited indeed, but not to be deterred I made a start - and stripped out the menu text from the game - which came to a stonking 24 words - and posted a request for translations on the RetroRemakes forum.

So thanks to the kind assistance of Ordvana, I'm now well on the way to adding Finnish and Russian (!) translations to the game. As it turns out it is just as well that I'm only translating the menus, as BlitzMax doesn't support non-English languages that well. This leaves me with creating bitmapped versions of the Russian text (and probably for the Finnish text too).

As the Russian one is going to take the most work I'm starting with that - and hopefully by the end of today should have the main menu working in both English and Russian, and be able to make a start on the Options menu.

This means that instead of "Start Game" - the Russian version will display "Начать игру", instead of "Options" we'll show "Опции" and so on.

So if you are reading this, and would like RetroVaders in your native language then get in touch!

Update: The main menu now works in both Russian and English. I can use regular text, graphics or a mix of both for the menus - which should make adding other languages much easier.

2 comments: said...

Please do drop me a line when you've got a completed one-switch version knocked up. Good luck with it!


DanO said...

I most certainly will. Thanks for stopping by Barrie, your site was invaluable to me whilst I was trying to work out how to do this (and I'm expecting that I'll still need to tweak a few things to make it more accessible, but that will probably be for the next release).