Monday, 20 July 2009

On the Road Again - Part 5

There is a kind of bitter sweet element to this post. Originally it was intended to mark the one-year anniversary of my return to cycling - with a short update on general health, fitness, weight loss etc.

Unfortunately (as mentioned in my previous post) the biggest weight loss was the loss of my bike - now relegated to memory and a "crime reference number."

In a strangely ironic twist, my replacement bike should arrive on the one-year anniversary of my buying the original. Sadly I did need to spend a little over the £50 mark this time (the cheapeast budget bike I could get in a hurry was £139). This gives me an 18 speed, rigid frame mountain bike with front suspension.

The bike itself is a Townsend "Dark Mesa" mountain bike. Cheap (relatively speaking) but should get me to work on time. As I've recently been playing Half-Life 2 (XBox 360 Orange Box release) this has raised a smile. I may have to see if I can get a Black Mesa logo onto the frame somewhere. . .

Getting back on topic, my weight has stayed contant at 12 stone (as said before, down from 13.5 stone) and I'm feeling fitter than I have done in years. I don't really get out of breath on the ride to and from work (unless I REALLY push myself) and can comfortably make the journey in five minutes (traffic allowing, and yes, that's even including the hill on the way back).

After doing some rough-and-ready calculations I've cycled over 1000 miles in the last year (more or less) and I've developed some nice muscles where once was flab.

Speaking of flab, my "love handles" vanished at some point over the last six months. No idea when, but they've gone.

So overall (and without harping on about the loss of my bike too much) it's been a good year for my health and fitness, has given me more time at home, and has also given me some quality time going out on rides with my daughter.

So for anyone who may be considering getting a bicycle, I can honestly say I'd recommend it without reservation. Just make sure you keep it in a safe place.

Thieving gits.

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