Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Off the road (for a bit)

Well, thanks to the twat that stole my mountain bike from outside my house last night I'm now a pedestrian again.

I'd claim on insurance, but by the time I've paid my excess it's just not worth it. I have, of course, reported it to the police and got a crime incident number, but let's be honest here - the chances of me actually getting the bike back again are somewhere between slim and none.


My bike - July 21st 2008 - July 14th 2009. R.I.P. (Rust In Pieces).

Small update: Out of sheer bloody-mindedness I checked with my insurers about claiming for the bike and found out the following:

I'm not covered for it.

Yes folks, pedal cycles (as they quaintly put it in the small print) are not covered by the homes and contents insurance. So if you do own a bike and imagine that your home insurance covers it you might want to double-check with them BEFORE it goes walkies.

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