Saturday, 4 October 2008

New Red Dwarf - coming soon. . . .

Yes, you heard me right, new episodes of the hit comedy show Red Dwarf are going into production!

Can we say yeah? I think we can. . .


Although the BBC turned down the chance of making the ninth series of Red Dwarf (the bastards! I want a refund on my license fee!) Dave, the free-to-air comedy channel has commissioned four new slices of Dwarfy goodness which will be shown to commemorate the show's 21st birthday.

As confirmed on the Red Dwarf website, the new episodes are:

Show One - The Making Of The Specials
A highly entertaining look at what goes on behind the scenes on a Red Dwarf production.
Show Two - Red Dwarf Special: Part One
The cast get back into character, and costume, a decade on...
Show Three - Red Dwarf Special: Part Two
The adventure continues...
Show Four - A Clip Show With a Serious Difference
The cast do it their way. Red Dwarf as you have never, ever seen it before!

So essentially that is one new one-hour special, a making of documentary, and a clips show. If it is a success (and how could it not be) then it could pave the way for a full series - or more specials.

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