Friday, 10 October 2008

The final countdown

The clock is ticking before the birth of my third child - October 14 is the date we have been given for a C-Section. So if you are wondering why things are quiet (and why there haven't been much in the way of Entrecard clicks from me recently) - my priorities are obviously elsewhere at the moment.

I hadn't expected to be this nervous about the whole thing, but to be honest I'm really starting to get a bit edgy now. I didn't realise just how badly it would get to me, and how difficult things like blogging would become. So far I've written this same bloody paragraph six times and I'm still having difficulties with it.

This wouldn't be so bad if I could use the excuse of being drunk, but sadly I'm stone cold sober and still making bot-all sense, so I'll cut this short. I will, of course, be posting here once the new arrival is safely out, but probably won't be online much until then.

Here we go. . .


Rehab Mommy said...

Congrats!! and GOOD LUCK!!

TC said...

Congratulations! We look forward to your full-time return. I wish you all the best!