Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Court decides: Novell owns Unix Copyrights, not SCO

It finally happened. After seven long years SCO had their day in court (well, two weeks to be exact) and the jury has returned a unanimous verdict: Novell did not sell the UNIX copyrights to SCO, and the now legendary Amendment 2 did not transfer the copyrights either.

This also blew SCO's slander of title claims out of the water (if SCO didn't own the copyrights and Novell did then there is no slander).

This had a dramatic effect on SCO's share prices, which over the past year had crept up to around 70 cents plunged back down to 10 cents on the news of the jury's decision.

So does this mean that it's all over? It's still too soon to tell. One thing is certain - things aren't looking too rosy for SCO at the moment...

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