Thursday, 24 December 2009

Google's Christmas Gift

This year Google have made a $20 million donation to charity, rather than sending goodies to publishers and ad partners. Some cynics have claimed that this is less about doing good for charities, but rather more about reducing their tax liability but what the heck - at least the dosh is going to good causes.

Google have provided a list of the charities which are to benefit from Google's $20 Christmas present, and most of them are lesser known charities. One name, however, has stuck out (at least for those of us in the UK) and that is "Loud Against Nazis."

They appear to be a German charity who are trying to tackle "the increasing right-wing radicalism" which, apparently "is a problem in everyday German life."

If you are looking for more information on the charity, a Google search brings up a rather cool looking skin-head egg-cup, but not much else.

This is because the charity is actually called "Laut Gegen Nazis" (it is, after all, a German charity).

More info at their home page.

Merry Christmas!

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